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Brooke Evers is known as an
exceptional teacher of music.
Graduates of her studio are recognized for their hallmark technical facility, poignant musical expression, and professional poise.
Her students have gone on to win Fulbright assistantships, Metropolitan Opera awards, and graduate performance program scholarships.

Student Testimonials

"I truly believe I would not have grown into the student, performer, and person I am today had it not been for her."
-Susan C. 

"As a singer, Pastor and businessman for many years my voice is not just my hobby -- it’s essential and needs to be top quality and healthy at all times.  Before meeting Brooke I was losing my voice and fearing that I may have to retire those things I love to do.  I tried being self taught, I had tried YouTube videos and online courses and nothing was working. 

Brooke however took the time to not only instruct me on proper singing technique but to listen to my specific needs as a singer and public speaker rehabbing my voice and yet still pushing me to make great progress.  Today my voice is healthy, strong and sounds better than ever. I am grateful that a high level artist and vocal coach like Brooke takes the time to listen, direct and motivate me to be my very best.  If you are serious about having your best voice then I highly recommend Brooke Evers as your vocal coach."

-Richard M. 

"This woman’s musical knowledge is insane."
-Amber S. 

"Without a doubt, I can say I would not be as good a musician as I am now without [Brooke's] instruction. She is a wealth of knowledge, has a clear passion for what she is doing, and she genuinely, deeply cares about her students. Brooke is not only a brilliant educator, she is also an amazing performer."
-Korinne M. 

"I know I can always count on her to push and encourage me to be the best student, vocalist, and person everyday."
-Zoey B. 

"Brooke Evers is an amazing educator. She is inspirational, passionate, encouraging, and kind. She pushes you to achieve greatness with a nurturing touch. Had it not been for Brooke and her enchanting presence and love of the art form, I would have never explored opera and found my real passion. She impacted my life immensely."
-Hannah W. 


“Brooke is a great voice teacher!  She knows proper vocal technique and she has a talent for teaching vocal singing.  I studied voice with Brooke for several years.  She immediately helped me open up my top vocal range when I first started to work with her.  She helped me develop good vocal technique and how to sing without tiring my voice out.  Brooke is adept at a variety of vocal styles from classical and German lieder, sacred and church music, and even jazz.  I highly recommend her as a voice teacher for the beginning student and for the more advanced singer as well.” 

-Judy P. 

"She is incredibly dedicated to her work and she always rises up to the demand."
-Crispin E. 

"She was there for me and taught me incredibly helpful vocal techniques that I will always remember and use in my future career as a high school choir and private voice teacher. The musical knowledge she shares with us is something we will all cherish and use in our future endeavors."
-Sophie P. 

"There has not been a single day that Ms. Evers has not come ready and willing to give 150% towards her students."

-Julia S. 

Work with Brooke

  • Vocal coaching is available to students of all levels and backgrounds.  

  • Coachings are tailored to students' needs and goals. Styles include Classical, Musical Theater, Pop, and Contemporary Christian.

  • Coachings are available in-person in Maryland and also virtually. 

  • Lessons in Piano, Music Theory, Aural Skills, Music History, Opera, and Diction are also available. 

  • Contact Brooke to inquire further about coachings and lessons. 

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